Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Yumis Soups-Distributed by BAJ TRADING LTD.

YUMIS soups now available

       Apparently everyone likes and loves soups. What is YUMIS soups? This is a liquid food served while still warm(Cool). Our range of soups are well blended and made to suits your needs. Yumis Soups are made by combining ingredients such as meat, vegetables among other.

     With increased demand for soups, Yumis Soups provide you with required taste at affordable price. Nothing satisfy our consumers than getting a comforting bowl of Yumis Soup. You can get either get, Yumis Chicken Noodles soup, Yumis Chicken cream soup, Yumis beef Noodles soup, mushroom cream soup and Yumis mushroom cream soup.

     One of everyone’s favorite comfort foods. As long as you’ve got a decent chicken, you can't really go wrong. Try adding seasonal veg and enhancing the stock with slightly more luxurious ingredients. 
YUMIS SOUP-distributed by BAJ TRADING LTD         

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