Tuesday, September 20, 2016

EKOCIN Vegetables

EKOCIN Vegetables

Ekocin Vegetables

Ekocin Vegetables is a food additive that has been used globally for many years and has become number one kitchen partner providing all required food tastes. Cooked in less than 6 minutes can be used to prepare all type of foods in your house. Unlike other seasoning, Ekocin Vegetables doesn’t cause heartburn since no added chemicals making it safe for everyone in the family. in addition, it is already salted thus no need to add salts in your preparation. 


We have our Ekocin Chef who is always ready to provide our consumers best cooking instruction and recipes. If your are first time customer and worried how to prepare your food using Ekocin Vegetables we are there for you  24/7 to guide you on cooking your favorite food using YUMIS EKOCIN Vegetables. Moreover, you can get cooking recipes attached in EKOCIN vegetables on purchase.  Do not hesitate to call us on +254726262322 or info@baj.co.ke, www.baj.co.ke for more services and enquires.

EKOCIN Vegetables package
EKOCIN Vegetables is packed in different sizes to fit your budget. We have 20g, 100g, 250g, 270g, 450g and 500g. You can get sachets package or Jar packed Ekocin Vegetables. Remember we have best rate which makes our products affordable to you.

How to use EKOCIN VEGETABLES for Optimal results
-          See our various cooking recipes on www.baj.co.ke for different meal such as Bariis Maceeye , Yaamis iidaan, Pilau  Rice, pasta,  Potatoes and Beef stew among other.  
Benefits of using Ekocin Vegetables
-          -Gives improved food tastes
-          -Brings family together
-         - It is easy to prepare your food

WE are committed to ensuring that you get best out of EKOCIN vegetables.

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