Tuesday, September 27, 2016

what is Ekocin Vegetables? can now be found on East Africa

         Now you have choice, Ekocin Vegetables is easy to cook and add required taste to your meal. Well, why would ever bother eating fresh vegetables when the world is filled with yummy foods? Well, fellow consumers, it’s because not is it recommended for everyone to eat a vegetable in your meal, but is also good idea eating healthy and taste meal.
         Taste meal is also delicious and you will keep liking the kitchen cooking.
Wondering where to start in achieving the required tastes? Worry no more, YUMIS EKOCIN is now available across Africa. We are happy to announce that now you can get our products such as EKOCIN in selected Nakumatt outlets in Kenya and to our distributors in Somalia, Ethiopia, and Djibouti. In addition, you can also be sure to get other products beside seasoning or flavoring products such as Chocolates and baked wellness coated products.   

         Do you have a cooking plan? Now get YUMIS EKOCIN add required tastes in your food. It cook in less than 8 minutes and do not add more salt since it is already salted. NB we have EKOCIN in various packaging to fit your budget and cooking needs. For more details and cooking recipes reach us in www.baj.co.ke info@baj.co.ke +25426262322. 

www.baj.co.ke                         Info@baj.co.ke

What is Ekocin Vegetables? Made of fresh Vegetables. 

What is Ekocin Vegetables? 

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