Wednesday, December 14, 2016

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BAJ TRADING LTD, Number one Wholesale Trading company in Kenya. We supply seasoning products YUMIS EKOCIN. YUMIS EKOCIN is made with Vegetables.
YUMIS SOUPS in variety of tastes, 5 different and unique brands. Mushroom cream soups, Chicken cream soups, Beef Noddle, Chicken Noddle and Tomato soups. Both YUMIS soup and YUMIS EKOCIN in Nakumatt and Chandarana supermarkets.
Beside YUMIS EKOCIN and YUMIS SOUPS, BAJ TRADING also supply Confectionary products such as chocolates and Biscuits. Unique brand all imported from Europeans markets and used in the USA. Currently, all the biscuits and other related chocolates are available in major Petrol Station shops. Good news is that all TOTAL BONJOUR shops and Shell shops are retailing the products at an affordable price and gives you convenience shopping.   
In addition, we have Double Care Baby diapers. Double care diapers come with double gifts since we have free baby wipes with each bail.
NB: We continue looking for Wholesalers throughout the country. If you would like to stock our products kindly call us 0726262322. Email at
P.O BOX 16314, 00610
Nairobi Kenya.

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