Friday, January 20, 2017

YUMIS EKOCIN | Food Seasoning with Vegetables |Kenya

YUMIS EKOCIN Food seasoning with Vegetables has become a popular seasoning Brand in East Africa and specifically Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia. Before the introduction of food seasoning in cubes and powder most people would only use salt in their cooking. Thanks to food seasoning -YUMIS EKOCIN Food seasoning, now you have reason to prepare a tasty meal for your family.
Over the two years of introducing YUMIS EKOCIN Food seasoning with vegetables in East Africa, the potentials of market has maintained a continuous growth with our products getting in shelves in big retailers and wholesalers in both Nairobi and Somalia. In Kenya, YUMIS EKOCIN Food seasoning is available in NAKUMATT outlets and Chandarana Food plus and many food stores, placed in different sizes to fit your budget.   Today, you can also get 20g YUMIS EKOCIN in your nearest groceries store at an affordable price.
In addition, you will find many hotels in Eastleigh Nairobi using Yumis Ekocin in their cooking. This has increased number of customer in such hotels and thus increased uptake of YUMIS EKOCIN Food seasoning with vegetables. Essentially, because of early introduction of other food seasoning in market, some people still use the term spices when asking for YUMIS EKOCIN. However, YUMIS EKOCIN Food Seasoning is Natural with vegetables and Herbs blended together to give you an improved food taste for all your cooking. YUMIS EKOCIN does not cause heartburn and therefore is used by everyone in the family.
We provide YUMIS EKOCIN Food seasoning with vegetables in clear JAR and Sachet packaging to our consumers. For instance, 450g clear JAR is preferred by majority of users because you can lock the Jar after use as well as it display the content level. The prices we offer are also very affordable for your household use. As mentioned above, many hotels are now using YUMIS EKOCIN Food seasoning in their cooking and this has significantly increased their customer’s intake. YUMIS EKOCIN Food seasoning, notwithstanding its new arrival in market, has made a significant impression on the seasoning market.
To ensure continuous availability of YUMIS EKOCIN Food seasoning with Vegetables in East Africa, we have partnered with Food groceries/Stores and wholesalers to distribute our products to you. Beside Food seasoning, BAJ TRADING LTD is also happy to announce that you can get YUMIS SOUPS. YUMIS SOUPS are available and comes in eight unique flavors:  They Include:
-          CREAM of MUSHROOM
-          CREAM of Chicken
-          CREAM of Tomato
-          Chicken Noodles soup
-          Beef Noodles soup
-          Leak cream
-          Mushroom Cream soup with Chive
-          Spinach Cream soup.
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