Monday, January 9, 2017 A Wholesale company for seasonig and confectionary products In East Africa.

BAJ TRADING LTD-Wholesale Distributor of YUMIS EKOCIN-Number one Food seasoning in East Africa. Our products are available in Nakumatt holding supermarkets, Chandarana Supermarkets and both Retail and Wholesale Shops in Eastleigh Region.

BAJ TRADING LTD is also sole distributor of YUMIS SOUPS in The region. Beside YUMIS EKOCIN and YUMIS SOUPS we also have Confectionery products such as chocolates and Biscuits all from European companies. You can get all our products in major petrol stations in Kenya.Moreover, our products are available in small supermarkets for your convenience shopping.

 New products coming soon.

For distribution, Kindly call us at +2542626262322 or

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